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The Divine Mother

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We all have heard of the Black Madonna and the credit for the inspiration behind this photo shoot was none other than the beautiful Black Madonna herself. I had created beautiful pieces with Scrapperalla before, but when she reached out about taking “mommy and me” photos with her son, I was inspired to portray her as the Black Madonna. Looking back at the paintings of her, I could always recall the Black Madonna fiercely protecting and nurturing her child in the painting. It revealed a strength that I could see in all women & mothers, and I was inspired to capture Luna in the same likeness. Women are typically regarded as fragile and soft, but we are fierce protectors of those that we love, and portraying women as strong is one of my objectives.

The Black Madonna can be found across several cultures, and in Haiti, we also refer to her as “Ezili” who is also a loving but fierce protector.

See this image in The Canvas!

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