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Why I Started Photography

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Growing up, I always had a love for dancing, writing, music, singing, and films, but never did I think I’d be picking up a camera. I grew up with an old camera that was always lying around my dad’s room or his car, and It always caught my attention. It was my godfather’s camera who was also a photographer and it was a heavy camera that still used film. Either way, I was always curious about it and was always pretending to shoot with it even though it had no film or batteries.

Years later, I had the urge to take photos but I had no professional camera. I was using an iPhone at the time and gathered friends up and would take the train and bus to far locations just to make the vision come to life. God bless those friends because I can remember the super hot days, where we were pretty much were melting in the Miami sun for hours.

After several photoshoots with my iPhone, I decided to get my own professional camera because I wanted to take my craft seriously and create. I figured if I wanted to capture models and creatives, I would need a professional tool to help me.

Freshman year of college, I bought my first Canon Rebel T5 and I was so happy and I began shooting immediately. I created ideas for photoshoots based on what I wanted to see more of in the world and they came to life in timeless images that I am still am in love with till this day.

Check out some of my creative & inspirational work here: https://www.eneramc.com/creativesessions

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